Drawing of Shoko the Siamese cat in ballpoint pen

Here’s another cat for you! This cat’s called Shoko. Shoko’s a siamese cat who asked me to do a portrait. It seems that i get a lot of visits on my blog from very intelligent and self-aware cats, and I must say that I’m really honored! Shoko’s ears are a little smaller in reality I … Read more

Drawing of a very fluffy and vertical cat called Angel Eyes in pencil

This pillar of fluff is a cat called Angel Eyes, an inhabitant of the blog “Katzenworld” It’s been a little while since i did anything in pencil. Most of what I’ve done recently has been very sketchy and in ballpoint pen. I think that it might be visible. It does sort of look like the … Read more

408 Drawing of Chub-Chub, the cat, in ballpoint pen and watercolors

This cat’s called Chub-Chub! After drawing the horse and rider yesterday, Tom, who’s the photographer behind these pictures revealed to me that he’s got a cat-blog also. I decided that this was a good time to do a cat-drawing, so I picked this photo of his cat, Chub-Chub running in the grass. I’m pretty happy … Read more