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City-scape #8 ( Drawing 88 )

Another one in the “serial vision” series. See the other 7 here There’s some obvious problems in scale – I get a little frustrated seeing it up on the screen. I need to… Continue reading

City-scape #7 ( Drawing 86 )

I got a comment from Bosartis who suggested that I continue with the pen/watercolour combination, like i did here. This is an attempt to do that – it’s not as succesful as the… Continue reading

Cityscape #3 Dry pastels ( Drawing 66 )

I would have liked to change the tree in the foreground. This is my third attempt at capturing the essentials of a cityscape. It’s impossible to be precise with these things – especially… Continue reading

City scape 2 (drawing 63 )

So this is a watercolour-attempt at descrbing a cityscape. The base drawing is made with ink. I find that i have a really hard time with the perspective, especially with ink. Normally, when… Continue reading

The fall of Abel, the world dictator ( Drawing 56 )

So here’s and update on Abel, the world dictator of whom i wrote two days ago – You can read about it here  Abel although aldready dead, didn’t live through the weekend. This… Continue reading

Church window (54)

This is a photo i took of the church window in Århus the other day. In the drawing, the brick changed size several times, and the perspective in the window is a little… Continue reading

“Abel the world dictator” ( Drawing 49 )

I saw this yesterday in the square before the big cathedral on my way to school, and i wanted to share it with someone – but just posting a photo on my blog… Continue reading