Drawing of a bird in ballpoint pen after photo and poem by Drycrickjournal

This is a drawing I did after a photo i stumbled across this morning. I’m not sure what kind of bird it is – perhaps someone can help me out? It does look like a chick though. The photo was acompanied by a poem in the “Drycrickjournal”. I really liked the poem that speaks of … Read more

398 Drawing of a crow with ballpoint pen and watercolors based on a photo by TPJPhoto.net

I’ve been looking for crow photos these last three days. What a strange and beautiful bird! Finally I found a good photo on a blog called TPJPhoto.net The drawing turned out good, but the colors are off. While crows are black, they have beautiful nuances of blue in the sunlight. My drawing looks more like … Read more

394 Ballpoint pen drawing of a Blue Hebron with added watercolor after photo by JD Photography

This time I stumbled across this beautiful photo of this beautiful bird in flight I should have drawn it a little bit smaller and maybe a little bit slower.. I really like its feet, but I didn’t want to shorten its legs in order to include them ! – Typical. Toss it or live with … Read more