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317 Portrait of Emilio Echevarría

After this photo – taken from the film “Amores Perros” – a good film! I don’t draw a lot by pencil these days, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve done… Continue reading

314 Portrait of John Goodman

John Goodman. The only one who cares about the rules. (See the film) Here‘s the original photo And take a look at some other actor portraits that I’ve done ! If i am… Continue reading

306 Portrait

This turned out pretty grim. I was going to call this a portrait of my brother, but I think that it might make my mother a little angry at me, so let’s just… Continue reading

292 Portrait of Christpher Lee

Here’s another portrait of Christopher Lee.. (SIR Christopher Lee.. Did he fight a dragon or something?) the original is here It’s in ink this time, and it’s the first page in my new… Continue reading

288 Portrait

Original here New year? Who cares about new year! I’m doing watercolour! As you can see in the photo, the tom of his head is bathed in light, and not really visible.. I… Continue reading

286 Portrait

A less than perfect portrait.. original

277 Portrait

See the original here I think that I’ve shaken off my holiday stupor, and am pretty much back to speed. This portrait turned out really good in my mind – the background and… Continue reading

262 Portrait of Sean Connery

After this photo here I did change the colour of his clothes, though. Sorry Sean.

252 Portrait of Frank Zappa

See the original here They’re something strange going on with this portrait, and i can’t quite figure out what it is.. The eyes are strange, that’s for sure, but Zappas eyes ARE strange..… Continue reading

214 Portrait after Rodin

Original photo