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Sketch of a little girl in pen and watercolor

Another Reddit gets drawn sketch! – This time of a little girl. I didn’t quite capture the cute little expression. Babies are so much harder to draw than wrinkled old men! Come see… Continue reading

Smiling baby sketch

Sometimes I get a little over-confident at go at it too fast. I this one got  a little too messy, and the eyes got weird even though I actually went over them with… Continue reading

Cats, dogs, commissions and a baby

Hi everyone! Here’s the latest batch from me. I keep busy with drawing (almost) every day. I still have a ton of those “free sketch requests” – mostly cats and dogs, but I… Continue reading

Kangaroo and her baby in ballpoint pen

This, dear readers, is not a cat. It is a kangaroo. It’s a request from Fozziemum at the blog dinz1234.com about the life in rural Australia! In fact, it’s two kangaroos, or a… Continue reading

407 Drawing of a mother and grandchild in the Yunnan province in China. Drawing after photo by Mimo Khair

I found a beautiful collection of photos by the photographer Mimo Khair today, of grandparents and their grandchildren in the Yunnan province of China. I had to draw it when I saw this… Continue reading

405 Drawing of a little lion who just woke up in ballpoint pen after photo by Christian Sperka

I just stubled a little around and then I saw this fantastic photo of a little lion waking up (by Christian Sperka photography) – and i had to draw it 😉 It’s a… Continue reading

310 Baby portrait

Ugg, sadly this one didn’t turn out nearly as cute as the original photo that you can see here The mouth is too small – i suppose that’s the main problem. I’d like… Continue reading

300 Baby portrait

This is my 300’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! And it’s the first baby I’ve ever drawn.. The real one is cuter – see him here It’s a little iritating that… Continue reading

Baby-foot in hand. (97)

I just did a drawing of my hand, and thought that I’d do one of a foot – upon a google image search for feet (I’m not so much for holding my own… Continue reading