Cityscape #3 Dry pastels ( Drawing 66 )

I would have liked to change the tree in the foreground. This is my third attempt at capturing the essentials of a cityscape. It’s impossible to be precise with these things – especially when you draw in a tiny sketchbook. It doesn’t matter though. I’m actually surprised that i can see what’s going on in … Read more

The fall of Abel, the world dictator ( Drawing 56 )

So here’s and update on Abel, the world dictator of whom i wrote two days ago – You can read about it here  Abel although aldready dead, didn’t live through the weekend. This morning i found the sculpture smashed beside it’s podium, gently “put aside” towards the wall of the church – probably by the … Read more

“Abel the world dictator” ( Drawing 49 )

I saw this yesterday in the square before the big cathedral on my way to school, and i wanted to share it with someone – but just posting a photo on my blog is against the principles of my blog, so here’s a drawing of it (this door is so hard to get right..) So … Read more

“Serial vision” – 7 quick sketches to describe/understand an urban space ( Drawing 47-ish )

It’s all in the title. As you can see, i spent very little time on these, but i wanted to put them up anyway – they are after all drawings that I’ve done although they don’t look like much. I don’t think that i’ll have the time to do more today, But i’ll see you … Read more

A place of history

I kept thinking about this place yesterday – It’s a photo from Rouen in France – I visited this beautiful “middle-age’ish” city a couple of years back, when i was living in France as an exchange student. The photo if taken inside an old guard-tower of the city – this is the place where Jeanne … Read more