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Streetview house somewhere in Canada. Sketched in ballpoint pen.

I’m sure some of my blogreaders must be tired of all the cats.. So here’s something I never do, although I keep telling myself to try and get better at it: perspective drawing!… Continue reading

Interview with watercolorist Thomas W Schaller

  Since I started drawing and painting every day, I’ve learned a lot, but as I learn, evolve and try out new things, I also start to notice the work of other people.… Continue reading

302 perspective from inside a city block

It got a little messy. This is the last one in that series, but I’ll probably be redoing some of them if i have the time – In any case i definitely need… Continue reading

301 Perspective from inside a city block

Yet another one from the series of perspectives going from Mejlgade and in through the block towards Studsgade in Århus, Denmark

299 perspective from inside a city block

This is my drawing number 299 – I hope to have the time for something bigger tomorrow morning – we’ll see !

298 perspective from inside a city block

297 perspective from inside a city block

Another perspective. I went out and bought a few brushes and some masking fluid today. I do think it had a positive effect on this painting. It seems that the amount of water… Continue reading

296 perspective from inside a city block

Nothing much to say. The weird house is covered in a “growing facade” by the way.. It doesn’t seem to save the building, though !

295 Street perspective

Ugg, why did it get so weak and gray and muddy? This in my second attempt at a street scene today.. I’ve done this one before – aswell as the one I posted… Continue reading

294 Yet another street perspective

I seem to forget that I’m trying to  get better at my perspectives. I just really enjoy the portraits and everything else. But I still want to go somewhere with these quick watercolor… Continue reading