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Little cat in profile

This little cat, called Percy is part of the blog “Jans Funny Farm” I was asked by the blogger over there to make a sketch of one of the several cats and dogs… Continue reading

Quick cat sketch in pen and ink

  Here’s a cat from Reddit gets drawn – quickly drawn in pen and with added ink on top. For a really quick sketch like that, I sort of like it ! 760

Sketch of a turtle

Here’s a turtle called Raru. A sketch requested through my free sketch page I did another turtle drawing over a year ago. That time in pencil. I might have taken a little better… Continue reading

Friday cat

  Here’s todays pet sketch – Another lounging cat! – I’m going to start a new commission drawing this evening, and maybe something that is not a cat as well! 738

Lounging cat sketch

This is a cat named Niko requested by @vickisarris on twitter Don’t forget that you can request a free sketch of your pet if you want! I’ve been neglecting this blog for a… Continue reading

Three drawings from the last couple of days

This is a sketch I did for someone called Taryn – I like how it turned out with the eyes, and I threw in that black outline that I’ve done a few times… Continue reading

Two sketches and a commission drawing

Hi everyone. I’m checking in with three new cat-portraits. Two are sketches and one is a commissioned cat portrait in pen that  is slightly overdue. I hope that the owner will like it!… Continue reading

An update of 9 Sketches

This cat is called Dawn. Dawn can be found over at the blog called “Life with dog and cats”. When Dawn’s owner saw the sketch I did, she published a blog post about… Continue reading

6 mediocre drawings – will make more of an effort next time :)

Sometimes you just don’t feel it. I’m pretty unsatisfied with the three dog drawings above. It’s a result of being a bit too sleepy and or careless while drawing – which reflects in… Continue reading

Two drawings of dogs

These two are drawings are what I’ve managed to produce since my last post! The first one if another one of my free pet sketches whereas the latter is a new commissioned drawing… Continue reading