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Drawing of a hand in ink, ink and ink

Here’s my 623’th drawing since the 9th September 2014. It’s my hand. I’ve drawn my hand tons of times since i started drawing every day, but recently, it’s all been about cats and… Continue reading

313 Hands

The original photo can be seen here It’s been a while since i did some hands in pencil so here’s one for you! I really liked the photo, and i think the drawing… Continue reading

311 Hand and water droplets

It’s been a while since I did any hands. I think this turned out ok. The droplets could have been a little more visible, though Here‘s the photo

259 Hand and foot

This is a hand and a foot that i painted from this photo The colours are not very good – it looks like a documentation for assurance money. I don’t know – skin… Continue reading

257 Eyes and nose excercise with pastels

I found this portrait class here where “students” are asked to use dry pastels. In the first lesson you do eyes and the nose. I went out and bought myself five dry-pastels in… Continue reading

223 Skulls

See the original here Skulls and bones are quite facinating… I’d like to have some kind of object in the house that could be interresting to draw repeatedly from different angles and with… Continue reading

178 Weird hand pose close-up

Gotta fill that sketchbook See other hands here

175 My hand really quick

This hand follows my quantity over quality moto almost too well.. Well…

169 Hands

Original here More hands here

155 more hands

Hands again. See original here I’m still first on the beginning pages of this sketchbook, but i bought a new one.. With watercolour paper.. So I’m a bit in a hurry to finish… Continue reading