Study of lobster-drawing after Dindonism ( Drawing 50 )


I saw this lobster at Dindonism’s blog, and i really liked it. As i probably mentioned when i did my elephant, I have a lot of problems with pens. When i draw with a pencil, i “seek out” the right line by going over the same place multiple times, but with pens, you have to be precise the first time – i did a simple pencil skets first, and then inked it on top – but this doesn’t resolve my other problem of keeping my hand steady. I’m a bit shaky. Anyway – i think the result turned out ok -although some of the tail shells are misproportioned.. – I think that i start to get an idea about how to hatch or represent shadows with inkpens.. This method is different from the one used by Rik Reimert, but after doing another couple of studies, i think that i’ll try my hand on something of my own. Eventually I’d like to sketch with a pen, but at least for me, it really takes some getting used to…

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