Socks! Drawn after a photo by Tim Diggles

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Since i’ve made my blog here on WordPress, I’ve been looking around to see what other people are doing. This is really a great resource! There are bunches of good refrences to draw from and of artists to learn from. Since the last three days, people have started visiting my blog too, and i find it very motivating to read people’s comments, answers to my novice questions or just simply, to know that there are people watching, and sort of expecting something new every day.

The photo on the right is a still life by photographer TIM DIGGLES who was kind enough to allow me to use his photo for a drawing. Thanks! – I really like his photos. Do check out his still lifes, and his series of doors and gates (i think i might do a drawing of one of his doors in the future)

As for my drawing, it obviously is not photo-realistic, but i really enjoyed making it. I feel that the contrats are getting better – and the drawing seems more or less correct in proportion to the photo (atlest after my standards)
It’s always difficult to decide when to stop. I want to be a good sketcher more than i want my pencil to be a 100% correct recording tool, so whereas i am trying to be correct, i’m not going for photo-realism. I have my camera for that. But i think the “when to stop” will come with experience. I’m stubling a bit around while drawing – doing a little here and there until it all seems ok to me, but i imagine that for an experienced artist, there’s a more natual and “direct” processus. Maybe i’m wrong..

I don’t know if i’ll have the time to do another drawing to day, but i hope so! We’ll see !

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  1. Are you familiar with Van Gogh’s paintings of boots? He would buy used shoes or boots and then muck them up just enough to his liking before painting this beautiful painting of them. He bought shoes with history, added his own history (and “look”) to them and then immortalized them. They are true portraits.

  2. Hello, very nice sketch, I like it, but I have a comment. You did not represent the difference in values between the socks. For instance, the first sock in the left is much darker than the one that is near it. All your socks are of the same value, by adding contrast in drawing you will increase the attention of the viewer.

    Have fun in drwing !

    • I see that now- the thing is that i’m struggeling with getting the tones right in just in terms of light and shadows. Taking the colors/tones into concideration makes it much more complicated… but you’re totally right. It’s like they say: learning to draw is first of all learning to see! Thanks for your comment!

    • I’m actually drawing another thing right now while writing, and i think it’s got the same problem.. it’s something that i’ll be working on. Thanks for pointing it out in any case!


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