Slim blade of light in Can Lis

2014-09-18a org SONY DSC

It is strange how different your drawing becomes when you put it up there next to the original. Here i need to use a much softer pencil, to get some darkness into that room! – i’m a bit ashamed to realize aswell that the blade of light is strangely off in another angle, and that it’s a bit too fat.. There’s something going on with the perspective aswell, but let’s not be too hard on me !
I wanted to do this drawing to experiment a bit with shading – i got some advice from Stephen Campbell about my shading and i wanted to try it out.. I didn’t end up completely carrying it out though – maybe another day!

If you go to Paris, you take a photo of the Eiffel Tower – if you go to Can Lis on Mallorca, you have to take a photo (or make a drawing) of this little detail. Utzon added a window that would give his and his family a very special light situation just during a few moments each day. It’s really wonderful to see such playful detail in a house.

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