Sketch of Vladimir Putin seeming less than amused

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-25a portrait of vladimir putin in pen

I did my angry Erdogan sketch earlier, so here’s Putin. You could argue that there’s something uniquely fitting about his facial expression. But then again – this is just how he always looks. His eyes got a little wobbly. I can’t seem to draw portraits with aligned eyes – at all. On my previous baby portrait, Laura commented that she thought it looked cute. I’m not 100% sure that the same goes for Putin, but I’ll let you judge that one.

Putin is next in line for my “Rulers of the world” project where I will eventually draw every head-of-state in the world.


8 thoughts on “Sketch of Vladimir Putin seeming less than amused”

  1. Yup. Not cute. I don’t expect Putin was ever cute. I imagine he emerged from the womb already combative and difficult with a stern expression and practicing macho posturing in his crib. Your portrait definitely looks like Putin though. The strong lines in the background work for the subject matter too.


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