Sketch of a dog called Adi in ballpoint pen

Sketch of a dog belonging to Jennifer Grover in ballpoint penI got the spontaneous idea today to offer to make drawings in return for facebook shares.
I just went with it, and I already got six requests! – Now – I suspect that I might wake up to even more requests, and it’ll probably be very hard to do them all – so I’m just going to pick one request each day at random! Like a little competition. It’s a little hard to just pick one, since everyone seem to positive an enthusiastic.. But that’s just the way it has to be.

Meanwhile I still have the queue of, as of right now, 14 requests that I am going to do as well. I’m also going to continue taking these requests parallel with the facebook requests, so bear with me if it’s not going really fast.

This dog, called Adi, or rather it’s owner, Jennifer Grover requested that I do a drawing to put up in her daughter’s room! I did it without any other lighting than that of the computer screen. You get really happy about your work when you can’t see what you’re doing ! – After holding the drawing under a lamp, I think I’ve decided that I’m pretty happy with it πŸ™‚

That was my 459th drawing – now I’m off to bed πŸ˜‰

19 thoughts on “Sketch of a dog called Adi in ballpoint pen”

  1. This is really characterful. Well done! Maybe the reduced light stopped your inner critic blocking you. I remember drawing at life class in low lighting and thinking my drawing was pretty good and then recoiling when the lights came back on. I’m happy to see that the same has not happened to you.

      • That’s something I’ve actually done in life class. You look at a pose and then close your eyes and draw it in the page. An exercise we frequently did as a warm up in life class was blind contour whereby you draw what you are looking at but without being able to see your drawing ie place another sheet of paper over your drawing and your hand so you can’t see. The results can be fascinating but the point of the exercise is to focus your eyes and observation skills.

  2. Great drawing…………..”up close” is sometimes difficult to do as far as perspective goes – I like the mouth/teeth/expression……….and the eyes – OF COURSE the eyes!!!



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