Sketch of a dog called Nacho in ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen drawing of a dog called NachoHi everyone!
Here’s a dog called Nacho. Nacho’s owner shared my “free drawing request offer” on facebook, and today I picked her with the randomness-generator at (random numbers from static noise! It doesn’t get more random than that!)

I think this sketch could have been better, if I had zoomed a little in and only focused on the face. It’s so difficult to simplify the details when they’re small and they always just get muddled up into a black mass. I got this “correction pen” a while back that has allows you to paint some white laquer over the areas where you put on too much black, and I gave it a shot with the eye.. It wasn’t really successful.
Anyway – thanks for sharing my offer on facebook, and I hope you (and everybody else) like the drawing!

That was my 465th drawing since the 9th september 2014 !

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