Sketch of a dog called Misaki in ballpoint pen

Misaki the dog, drawing in ballpoint penHi everyone.

This is another facebook drawing request. The dog is called Misaki and is a blogger over at “The misadventures of Misaki”

I’m not too satisfied with this drawing. I think that something went wrong with the mouth and no matter how much I kept drawing, it didn’t correct itself! I think that this one would have been better as a bigger drawing, where I could have focused more on the head.

Speaking about my “daily facebook request drawing draw” – I’ve been asking people to like my page, share the offer on their wall and then send me a picture to enter, however I just read facebook’s promotional guidelines yesterday (something I should probably have done first ;)) and it turns out that it’s against the rules to ask facebook users to share! So from now on, it’ll be enough just to like the facebook page. My bad.

That was number 491

17 thoughts on “Sketch of a dog called Misaki in ballpoint pen”

  1. We know Misaki…..she’s a beautiful pup and I think I see “her” in that face – those eyes especially……..her markings may have gotten a bit “blurred” but otherwise bravo!



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