Sketch of a cat named Phoebe as tired as I am. Ballpoint pen.

Sleepy cat called phoebe. Drawing in ballpoint penLet me start apologizing to Phoebe the cat, who looks much less like me in reality. Thanks for the request, though!
I studied until very late yesterday (this morning) and got up very early (the night) because I’ve got to do a presentation today. I couldn’t start the day without my ritual drawing though!
This one incorporated my present state really well. It looks more like me than the cat in question – except for the whiskers.
I picked this photo because of the way the cat points its paw towards the camera.– I thought that it seemed difficult to get the perspective to work. I was right! It is difficult.

Come see some more cat drawings!

That was my 447th

28 thoughts on “Sketch of a cat named Phoebe as tired as I am. Ballpoint pen.”

  1. Phoebe and I are very pleased-you did a great job! Thank you very much!!! If you ever run out of requests, I have 14 more kitties to choose from πŸ™‚

  2. Mee-you Mistur Thomas what a grate sketch of Purrincess Phoebe!! Shee iss mee gurlfurend!!!
    Yur so nice to do thee sketch even tho’ yur ‘dog-tired’ mew mew mew….
    Another 4 pawss up sketch!!!
    **nose bumpss** Purrincess Siddhartha Henry xx

  3. Foreshortening is so difficult. You did a fine job of it, especially considering how tired you were! πŸ™‚

    Hope your presentation went well!

  4. Dude – I Flippin LOVE your work! The human studied drawing and watercolor a few years ago – but hasn’t been able to purractice it much since the CREATURE came along – fur the last 6 years she’s been spending all day Monday – Friday watching the Creature while it’s parents work – and she is trying to find time on weekends to draw again!

    Your work is beautiful! Not bad fur a human! 😺 *(trills)*


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