Sketch of a cat named Ellie in ballpoint pen and India ink

Ellie the cat. Sketch in pen and india inkI got a request from The Florida Furkids to draw one of the cats – I picked this great photo of Ellie the cat yawning (or meowing?)
I’ve been wanting to learn to draw for a long time, and before starting drawing every day back in September 2014, I’ve given it a shot once in a while without really sticking to the habit. Looking back in a sketchbook from 2012, I see that i tried to draw a polar-bear at some point.. With a black ballpoint pen. He ended up looking like an oil-rig-accident. More black than white. I’ve had a slight trauma for white fur-animals ever since πŸ˜‰
But here’s Ellie. She’s a very white cat, and I went ahead and tried with a black ballpoint pen. I think it went okay this time. Perhaps drawing white subjects with black drawing tools is a good way of learning to cut the drawing down to the essentials.A few lines go a long way, and just drawing a few lines at the hair-tips, sort of gives the impression of a big fluffy coat of fur. I think this was a nice experiment. Now the next question will be if it can somehow be turned around to draw a black cat with the same degree of fluffiness in a similar way? Maybe I’ll leave that idea simmer another three years πŸ˜‰

I hope you like the drawing!
That was my 446th.

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        • For me, the best motivation has been to make a “rule” out of drawing every day. Even if it’ll just be a stick figure. It really rarely feel like a chose in fact. It’s been imminently helpful also to just post everything i do.. I get loads of encouragement from commenter, and i know that there are people out there who keep an eye out for my daily posts, and this makes it even harder to skip a day.. I think that this “daily drawing online” idea has made all the difference for me in terms of motivation .

          • fantastic! Good luck with that! I’m looking forward to seeing your work πŸ™‚ We’re a couple of people posting our daily drawings to .. It’s not that active, but I’d like to get a little more buzz in there.. anyway, if you want, come post your drawings in there!

    • I’m waiting for a polar-bear owner to request that i do a drawing of their pet-polar-bear that they blog about.. But It’s mostly been cats so far ;).. Maybe I should go out and find a polarbear myself!

  1. We know Ellie and think you did a great job capturing her in your drawing….. she’s a gorgeous and fluffy cat and highlighting with ink all around her was the perfect accent to show off her “floof” !!


  2. Our Mauricio is so sad that you didn’t pick Ellie’s sister Allie to draw as that is his girlfriend, but I have to say, I think you did a superb job on Ellie. You really did well in getting her fluffiness.


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