Sketch of a cat called Graphite. In pen.

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-02a sketch of a cat called graphite in pen

This cat is called Graphite. One might think that it would be obvious to draw this one in.. your know – graphite – but I did it in pen.

I originally got this request back in April, but never got around to making the sketch, so when the person behind the request asked weather Graphite could be put back into the mix, I happily did so. The poor cat had to wait 10 months!

Today is one of those gray winter-days where the sun comes up just before it goes down, and I tend to be really tired all the time at this time of the year. This must be part of the reason that Graphite ended up a little out of proportion. Maybe I’ll try again in another 10 months..

You can read more about Graphite at


8 thoughts on “Sketch of a cat called Graphite. In pen.”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful sketch of our Angel Graphite, Thomas! We think it’s great. I showed it to my wife without telling her who it was, and she recognized him right away. πŸ™‚


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