Self portrait – This just might be my true self!


…. And then you might ask: But Thomas, who’s that drunken sailor next to your photo?
And it might surprise you to hear, that two two images above – are of the same person – yours truly.

Drawing perspectives are difficult – drawing portraits are extremely difficult!  But in all honesty – i enjoy portraits more! Even with my limited skills and my sick judgement of prorportion, i fell that portraits get expressive no matter how badly you do them, or maybe they get even more expressive when you do them badly.

Surely, artists who draw/paint expressivly, learn to draw what they see to a satisfying degree before they start to “modify” what their pencils register – i actually try to be precise, and the end result gets fuzzy because of my skills. Who cares, i’m happy.

The reason i decided to make a SELF PORTRAIT was that i’ve been surfing a bit around looking af different people’s blogs, and i wanted to make myself an avatar-image! The problem is that this drawing sort of looks ridiculous when it gets downsized (or should i say more ridiculous?… No, why would i badmouth my own drawing?) – So i might at some point try to make one with less detail.

I would be really happy to hear people’s comments and suggestions about my portrait. And please do critizise. I might just listen to what you have to say!

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    • Drawing, for me is like being in some kind of trance.. My eyes flicker constantly between the photo and the paper, and i try to be as precise and as “correct” as possible, regarding proportion, perspective and so on.. And then when it’s all finished, i get out of this hypnotized state of mind, and i see the fruit of my work… And i go “WHAT?” It’s funny, but it kind of weirds me out how wrong you can be when thinking you’re noticing it all !

  1. My tip: just keep drawing! Remember to analyse what you’ve created and then you’ll pick up on the really obvious errors that you can work on next time.

    You should be able to see that you’ve clearly extended your nose and shortened your forehead in the self-portrait. Get the basic proportions and positioning of the facial features correct first and you’re well on the way to great results.

    • Thank you very much for your comment! – Yes, funny how obvious they become, when i seem them on my computer screen! I think that one of the next things i’ll be doing will be a new portrait, so I’m going to try and get these points worked out in next time. Thanks again!


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