Self-portrait #3. It’s getting better.

2014-09-27aSONY DSC

This is the third time i try do do a self-portrait from the same photo. There’s still some things going on with the proportions, and although i got some nice pointer from mir365, I’m still making some of the same mistakes – but i think that the overall impression is getting better. I start to recognize myself a little.

Se the two other posts from the 24th september and the 19th september here and here to get a good comparison.

I hope to do another drawing today, but after my night-shift yesterday, i’m pretty exhausted. We’ll see !

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  1. #3 is most definitely improved! First off, I’m no expert at all, but I think if you added a little shading to the shirt it would fix the proportion problem you think you have (I see what you’re talking about but I don’t really see it being a problem, I kind of like the style). Don’t know if you’re looking for advise or even if this would work for you but something that helped me was a blending stick (which has since turned into just my finger) and using the graphite like watercolors, strike a line at the darkest part of the shadow and then push it out with the stick/ paper towel/ finger/ whatever. It gives you the shadow but still leaves room for you to add darker marks if you need (like for the iron chain piece you did) or erase to make light parts. Keep up the good work man… everything is definitely improving!

  2. Yeah, now that you mention it, i can see that the t-shirt part seems a little white- especially after i added the dark shading on the left. I actually blending stick lying around somewhere, I will try to see what i can do with that. Thanks for your comment and your tips!


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