Rose-drawing from a photo by Lemanshots (60)


So this is the third and (maybe) last drawing for today. The photo i kindly borrowed from Lemanshots – a blog with very nice pictures. I chose this because it would be a good oppourtunity to test out my new charcoal pencil for the extra dark tones.. I have been telling people that i would not buy more stuff for the time being (I’ve already got a lot of things that i don’t know how to use) – but then i passed by an art store today.. and i just couldn’t help it.. The scan is not very good – i tried to correct the “levels” in photoshop, but i have never had really good sucess with making scans look good in photoshop.. does anybody have some suggestions on that account? (or on anything else for that matter!)

I would LIKE to do another drawing, but i really need to catch up on sleep.. I don’t know what it’ll be..
Thanks again to Lemanshots for letting me use her photos! I’ll definetly be doing more from that site!

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