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Collage of previous work in art commissions and requests

Would you like me to draw something for you?

I’m currently drawing upon request! Recently I’ve mainly been drawing pets (especially cats!) but it could be just about anything! If you have a cat, dog, gorilla, car or house that you’d like me to have a go at, please get in touch, and I just might make a sketch for you (but no promises)

I ask nothing in return for these sketches, except that you consider sharing it on your facebook page, your blog or whatever with a link back to – this is by no means a condition, but it would make my really happy.


If you have something special in mind, and if you’d like to have the original drawing or painting, this is also possible. My daily sketches are quick and dirty but with a commission I’ll do my best to make a drawing or a painting that you’ll appreciate.

I still consider myself a beginner and everything I do is not perfect – therefore I fully accept if you decide not to buy the finished piece, and you may instead chose to print the scanned version or go ask another artist.

Since I consider myself a beginner, my fee is low compared to what a professional artist would charge. For the same reason, I trust that you will expect the work of an enthusiastic novice rather than a skilled and matured artist. The prices may vary based on the media, the size and the complexity of the subject. You’ll also be paying for shipping. I live in Denmark. Please get in touch and we’ll chat about the possibilities!

You can see my best work, on my Portfolio of cat, dog and pet commissions,
Please contact me to get a price for a painting or drawing!

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  1. Hello,
    I am a French journalist and writer.
    I am working on a book about Thelonious Monk for Editions du Layeur (issue 2021).
    A collective book with musicians, painters, drawers, journalists and writers (Sonny Rollins, Chick Corea, Fred Hersch, Herbie Hancock, René Urtreger, Martial Solal, Laurent Coq, Benjamin Moussay, Danilo Perez, Steve Lacy, Johnny Griffin, Archie Shepp, Laurent de Wilde, Yves Buin, Zéno Bianu, Eric Sarner, Tom Buron, Jacques Jouet, Jean Echenoz, Jacques Réda, Sylvie Kandé, Francis Hofstein, Bertrand Ogilvie, Bernard Chambaz, François-René Simon, Gérard de Cortanze, Esther Tellerman, John Edgar Wideman, Robin Kelley, Michel Bulteau, Jacques Darras, Jorge Camacho, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Louis Joos, Jorge Camacho, Konrad Klapheck, Clint Eastwood, Bertrand Tavernier…).
    I would like to publish in the book your beautiful drawing of Monk.
    Each contributor will receive three copies of the book.
    Best regards
    Franck Médioni


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