Perspective in apartment #100


It’s the HOUNDRETH drawing that I’m posting here!

It’s in A3 and took a couple of hours. Normally my drawings fit into a very small sketchbook (10X14cm)  – but today I wanted to celebrate having reached the #100 mark – surprisingly enough, it didn’t take very long.. For my 1000th drawing, it’s going to be a A0… No, i don’t think so 😉

I’ll make a scan later – as for now, you’ll have to do with this shaky photo. My scanner isn’t big enough for this thing.

A great thank you to everyone who’s been following me and commenting until now!

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  1. Well done on reaching your first centenary. I did a 40 Drawings in 40 Days challenge recently and that was a struggle so well done on keeping the momentum and creative mojo going.


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