Perspective drawing of a street view scene in Rome, ballpoint pen

Perspective drawing in the streets of RomeHere’s a drawing I did from google street view. It’s from the streets of Rome. I’m not overly satisfied with the scan. I’m using the scanner at the architecture school. A hugely expensive big thing for professional i-don’t-know-what’s.. Yet, the quality is bad. It leaves out some of the thinnest lines for some reason. My own old scanner that I bought cheaply in 2009 represents the lines and the colors like they are on paper. The only problem is that the resolution is a little on the low end. Not that it matters for something that’s going to be used on the internet.
Anyway – I’ve been a little loaded with work yesterday and today as well, so this is something I managed to squeeze in in my lunch break. Now I’m going to eat while working!
Here’s the view on google street view

And that was my 416th

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