Pen sketch of Lexi the cat

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-01a sketch of a cat named Lexi in pen

This is a sketch of a cat called Lexi. You can read more about Lexi on the blog Dezizworld! I actually did another one for the same blog, but another cat a while back. See it here: Dezi the cat

If you like this sketch, please head over to my “Pet portraitist website” and see a lot more!

7 thoughts on “Pen sketch of Lexi the cat”

  1. OMC Thank you soooooo much. Mommy is crying da big tears of joy. Sis Lexi is 16 years old and has Chronic Kidney failure so this drawing is so special to us. A beautiful remembrance when her time comes. We will cherish it. Mommy’s gonna frame it and hang i on da wall beside meez drawing. Thank you again.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi, Lexi and mommy A


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