Painting of Waffles the singing cat in watercolor and ballpoint pen.

Painting of waffles the cat in ballpoint pen and watercolorHere’s a cat that Glogirly requested. He’s called Waffles, and i hear that he likes to eat chicken. (And to sing)
I got a commentary from someone who thought that by ballpoint-pen drawings could look nice if I added some watercolor. Little did he know that I’ve already done quite a few drawings with that combo – but it’s already been a little while, so I decided to spend a little of that precious time that I ought have spent on my thesis to draw this cat! Great idea, wasn’t it?
I really liked the photo in question. It’s a beautiful cat, and an open mouth is quite challenging to draw, so I decided to give it a shot. I think that the head is slightly too wide and the mouth not open enough as compared to the reference photo. Waffles also appears to be a little too well fed. Other than that I’m quite happy about the result.
Last time i did a watercolor I ended up saying that I’d be putting my watercolors aside for a while until I get the time to learn to use them properly.. I still haven’t learned, but I think that perhaps they could work in combination with another media. This is it. What do you think?

Also – look in the corner. That, my friends, is my signature. It feels really cheesy to put my signature on a drawing.. I haven’t done it since “making art” is an 8-year old and now, after having put it on, I feel like taking it off again – but there’s no going back with ink πŸ˜‰ Next time I might just put it on the backside. At some point – when I get good enough – I hope to sell a drawing once in a while.. And “real artists” always seem to put on the signature in the corner.

That was my 454th drawing.

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  1. I do love the water colours with the ballpoint. The pastel colours seem to soften the picture. Kali was the ideal one to do with ballpoint and watercolours as you did, she has a softer personality than Shoko. Shoko is what we would think of as a tomboy….if there is trouble to get into Shoko finds it. Shoko is the typical Siamese.


  2. The watercolour over the pen is a great combination. I think you did really well with the composition and the way the head shape is contorted by the wide open mouth. And I very much approve of you signing your work.

      • Some people do though. They sign and date each page in their sketchbook or art journal. I keep meaning to at least date mine but I never do. I do, however, sign my completed pieces of art.

        • I normally date everything I do because it’s part of my process.. My signature has evolved in a strange way since i got my first paper-route. It doesn’t read my name anymore and it’s just become some weird kind of scribble with time. I always feel a little weird about doing it, and I don’t want it to mess up the drawing. Also I want the drawing to stand by itself as much as possible, and putting on a signature sort of makes it a little bit about me. If i put it on the backside i still get credit, but in a less obvious way.

  3. This is really gorgeous Thomas……! Love the beautiful watercolors – Waffles is a cute ginger boy and has a huge personality. It’s a fun drawing….perfect for him. Amazing how the addition of color just makes things “pop”……….well done. I really like that you added your signature – you said “real artists” do that and my friend, you ARE a real artist. Absolutely.


  4. Other than being a little wide in the neck, it sure looks like Waffles to me. The watercolor brought a lot to the drawing. Yet another terrific capture.

  5. OMG!!! I’m so sorry we missed this!!! And you even published it on our son’s birthday! …he and Waff have a very special relationship. Thank you SO much for drawing Waffles. You’ve TRULY captured his purr-sonality. We think his mouth is open more than it’s shut!


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