11 drawings and sketches from the last few days

Another few days have gone by, and I’ve done 11 more sketches. Most of these are really quick, and two are done half asleep (and aren’t that successful) – But in general terms,… Continue reading

22 Sketches from the last three days

Oh my.. You must think that I have gone completely bonkers and / or bananas! Indeed, I have. These recent days I’ve made tons of these quick little sketches, and I’m really enjoying… Continue reading

Fourteen drawings from the last three days (!)

Two days ago I passed the 1-year mark for drawing (almost) every day! I didn’t plan on celebrating it or do anything special, mostly because I haven’t got the time. But for some… Continue reading

Drawing of a hand in ink, ink and ink

Here’s my 623’th drawing since the 9th September 2014. It’s my hand. I’ve drawn my hand tons of times since i started drawing every day, but recently, it’s all been about cats and… Continue reading

7 drawings – one of them a commission

Here’s me again with 7 fresh drawings. I’ve now made 622 drawings since the 9th September 2014 – That’s almost two a day for a year. The last few months have been a… Continue reading

Cats, dogs, commissions and a baby

Hi everyone! Here’s the latest batch from me. I keep busy with drawing (almost) every day. I still have a ton of those “free sketch requests” – mostly cats and dogs, but I… Continue reading

A quick sketch of a cat and a bunny in ballpoint pen and a commissioned cat portrait

This is my 609th and 610th drawing since the 9th September 2014 The first one is a really quick sketch requested by a facebook user. The other one is another commission – this… Continue reading

5 dog drawings. Two of them commissions

The title says it all. The first and last drawings conclude the three drawings that a Twitter user commissioned me to do. In between are three – perhaps a little too quick –… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat and a dog!

Just checking in to post my 602’nd and 603’th drawing since 9th September 2014 – The one-year mark is getting nearer!

Three new drawing in three different mediums

These are my 599th-601th drawings since the 9th September 2014. One in ballpoint pen (that’s Gene Simmons with his dog.. Hoping he might want to tweet about my drawing ;)) One in pencil… Continue reading