A place of history

I kept thinking about this place yesterday – It’s a photo from Rouen in France – I visited this beautiful “middle-age’ish” city a couple of years back, when i was living in France… Continue reading

Socks! Drawn after a photo by Tim Diggles

Since i’ve made my blog here on WordPress, I’ve been looking around to see what other people are doing. This is really a great resource! There are bunches of good refrences to draw… Continue reading

Street perspective based on a painting

So i thought i would HURRY up and do a new drawing, just to get that akward self-portrait a little down on the front-page. The painting on the left is by HANNA WAITE… Continue reading

Self portrait – This just might be my true self!

…. And then you might ask: But Thomas, who’s that drunken sailor next to your photo? And it might surprise you to hear, that two two images above – are of the same… Continue reading

Slim blade of light in Can Lis

It is strange how different your drawing becomes when you put it up there next to the original. Here i need to use a much softer pencil, to get some darkness into that… Continue reading

Light, shadow and texture in Can Lis

This one i did yesterday but i had to wait for today to have decent sunlight for taking a picture of the drawing. We’re still at Can Lis – this is one of… Continue reading

Can Lis in the greenery

Here’s another drawing of Can Lis that i did yesterday. The photo i got off from utzonphotos.com This one didn’t take very long – obviously because the sorroundings of the house are very… Continue reading

Constructive system at Can Lis

So here you have another one from Can Lis – The photo is taken from a book – the drawing is significantly less clear than the photo, but i kind of like the… Continue reading

Another day, another crappy drawing – this time with added crappy aquarel

Putting these two up side by side really makes you see some stuff.. The perspective is off, the shadows are bad and.. yeah.. As for the aquarel, this is a skill i’d really… Continue reading

Mouse-steps into onedrawingdaily and is miss a day! – But here’s a quick one for yesterday!

Yeah, it’s pretty much in the title. Friday was a long day – i work a night shift on fridays and got home around 8’o clock in the morning – then i slept… Continue reading