And another watercolour study based upon a Maxine Dodd drawing

As the title says, this is yet another drawing by Maxine Dodd (o the right) I think that this will be the last one for today – i fired up my scanner this… Continue reading

Coffee and mug – study of a photo by Tim Diggles

This is another photo by Tim Diggles that i just did. I was a bit tired coming back from my studies today, so i searched for something that wasn’t too complicated. I really… Continue reading

Last watercolour before running for the train – Maxine Dodd study

I’m really enjoying this ! I’ll get back to you with some kind of pencil drawing (i think) later in the day. The drawing on the right is by Maxine Dodd who makes… Continue reading

Another watercolour study based on a Maxine Dodd drawing

I made two new studies based upon the drawings of Maxine Dodd (on the right) They’re really quickly made – if i took my time, i could probably get closer to the original,… Continue reading

Lightning-quick aquarel study of a drawing by Maxine Dodd

I came upon the blog of Maxine Dodd and i really liked her watercolour sketches – So i asked for her permission to do some studies of her work in order to try… Continue reading

Key and lock – after a photo by Tim Diggles

Yep. It is what the title says.. This is from Tim Diggle’s “Flat Life” series. There’s a lot of really nice photoes there, so go have a look. This drawing was not too… Continue reading

Selfportrait #2

  Five days ago, i did a self-portrait that can be seen here It didn’t look a lot like me! – I got a comment from travelsopher who posted a video with some… Continue reading

Chain and iron

The photo in the left, i found on the blog “Picture Day” – I really loved the photo, which is called “red” – i don’t know what to call my version – There… Continue reading

Another elephant – this time drawn ny pencil – based upon a photo by Susan Portnoy

After the drawing i did this morning, i felt like drawing another elephant. I found this excellent photo by Susan Portnoy and i decided that this time, i’d do a pencil drawing. I’m… Continue reading

Elephant! Based on a photo by Susan Portnoy

A few days ago, i stumbled upon the blog og RIK REIMERT. He had just posted some photos of an elephant that he was drawing very metecilously with a black pen. I have… Continue reading