Study of lobster-drawing after Dindonism ( Drawing 50 )

I saw this lobster at Dindonism’s blog, and i really liked it. As i probably mentioned when i did my elephant, I have a lot of problems with pens. When i draw with… Continue reading

“Abel the world dictator” ( Drawing 49 )

I saw this yesterday in the square before the big cathedral on my way to school, and i wanted to share it with someone – but just posting a photo on my blog… Continue reading

Skull after Van Gogh ( Drawing 48 )

Despite the multitude of good things to draw, it can be hard to chose – especially with limited time each morning. This time i went for another Van Gogh still-life. A skull. I… Continue reading

“Serial vision” – 7 quick sketches to describe/understand an urban space ( Drawing 47-ish )

It’s all in the title. As you can see, i spent very little time on these, but i wanted to put them up anyway – they are after all drawings that I’ve done… Continue reading

Face sketches ( Drawing 46 )

I thought i would try to make another autoportrait, but after two attemps at a base sketch, i was still not very happy with it, so i went on to try and draw… Continue reading

A colourful leaf – ( drawings 44 and 45 )

I found this leaf today.. It’s really something.. My two drawings i’m not so happy about, though.. Ill be back tomorrow!

Dry pastels in the morning ( Drawing 43 )

I thought it went quite well while i was playing with the pastels, but looking at Degas’ original and my drawing site by site sort of makes me smile.. Degas’ drawing (painting? What… Continue reading

Two leafs ( Drawings 41 and 42 )

So I had a little hectic aquarel session after my Cezanne study this morning. I had to run for the train. Again. I think i ought to get some kind of control over… Continue reading

Cezanne in the morning ( Drawing 40)

I tried toning the trees with circle-movements. This morning i have a little more time, so i’ll try to make an aquarel before running for the train!

Study of photo of sculpture by Henry Moore by Nexus by me ( Drawing 39 )

I wanted to do something quick and easy before dinner, and i found this photo taken by Nexus of this beautiful sculpture by Henry Moore. I haven’t seen the full extends of the… Continue reading