Quick sketch of a guy with his camera

  Again a Reddit gets drawn sketch – this guy wanted to have a drawing made of him holding his camera. I wanted to try one of those really quick pen sketches with… Continue reading

Quick sketch of a dog with a lamp screen

Another quick sketch for Reddit gets drawn – this time of a little bulldog who’s had a close encounter with a common house-lamp. I do a lot of cat and dog sketches either… Continue reading

Sketch of a little girl with big sunglasses

Another Reddit gets drawn sketch¬† – this one of a reddit-user’s daughter looking cool in sunglasses. I wish the mouth had turned out a little better – but as they (I) say: Quantity… Continue reading

Self-portrait day today?

As you may know, I graduated a week ago, and since then I’ve had a lot more time on my hands than I’m used to – which also means more time for drawing!… Continue reading

Sketch of a (very) silly looking dog

Here’s the last sketch for today – I’m tired! This one was from Reddit gets drawn like most of the others of today’s sketches. I hope you all like it. I draw people’s… Continue reading

Sketch of Vladimir Putin seeming less than amused

I did my angry Erdogan sketch earlier, so here’s Putin. You could argue that there’s something uniquely fitting about his facial expression. But then again – this is just how he always looks.… Continue reading

Smiling baby sketch

Sometimes I get a little over-confident at go at it too fast. I this one got¬† a little too messy, and the eyes got weird even though I actually went over them with… Continue reading

Angry portrait of Turkish president Erdogan

  There’s some crazy stuff going on in the world, and my intention is not for this sketch to be a comment on a conflict that I don’t understand even a fraction of.… Continue reading

Little face in profile

Once you get started with Reddit gets drawn it gets hard to stop! People just keep posting great photos to draw from! I rarely draw in profile, so this one was fun. I… Continue reading

Another redditor rendered in pen

Here’s another sketch from Reddit gets drawn – this one of a girl wearing sunglasses – I think she actually wears a pair of ordinary glasses underneath, but I didn’t put that in… Continue reading