Why don’t YOU start drawing every day? Take the challenge!

Do you feel as if your artistic skills haven’t improved at all since you were 10? Do you have 15 minutes a day to spare? Then why not spend them … Making a drawing a day! The sketchbooks will start to pile up after a few months. I’ve got some with watercolor paper most recently! … Read more

6 things I learned after drawing 319 drawings in 4 months and 13 days

6 things I learned after drawing 319 drawings in 4 months and 13 days In September 2014 i decided that i wanted to get better at drawing – I had done some in the past, but nothing i was too happy about showing to people, so I decided to make this blog and draw at … Read more

312 Ford Escort

Here‘s the photo A little mis-proportioned, but I think that cars could be a good exercise for getting better with perspective drawing. They’re hard to do though, and my hands are never going to hold still enough to make those slick illustrations you see from car designers and the likes.. Who cares about that anyway? … Read more

223 Skulls

See the original here Skulls and bones are quite facinating… I’d like to have some kind of object in the house that could be interresting to draw repeatedly from different angles and with different light-settings.. Not a human skull – don’t worry ! But something that has an organic interesting shape with bumps, holes, cracks … Read more