Father an daugther on the run!

Here’s another reddit get drawn user asking for a drawing of this wonderful photo. How could I not draw that! I don’t know the first thing about parenting. (Haven’t got that far yet)… Continue reading

A new sketch of Binky the cat in pen and ink

This is a sketch in pen and ink of a cat, that I think I’ve drawn once before, long ago! (I just confirmed – I did a drawing of Binky the cat in… Continue reading

Sketch of a kid who likes crabs in pena nd ink

A Reddit gets drawn sketch of a boy, who aparrently likes this brand of brightly packaged crabs. Sea-food is healthy, so I suppose it’s all good. I went for pen and ink again… Continue reading

Quick cat sketch in pen and ink

  Here’s a cat from Reddit gets drawn – quickly drawn in pen and with added ink on top. For a really quick sketch like that, I sort of like it ! 760

Sketch of a strange looking dog

  A dog from Reddit gets drawn Looking a little odd. 759

Portrait in black

  Here’s someone from Reddit gets drawn who found a lizard and asked for a drawing with him and the lizard. I did not put a lot of focus on the lizard. 758

Sketch of a guy with a warm hat

This Reddit gets drawn user was gifted this rather fine hat by his mom. Keep your ears warm 757

Michael, Multiple

How many Michaels does it take to change a lightbulb? MultipleMichael More of the same 756

Sketch of a little girl in pen and watercolor

Another Reddit gets drawn sketch! – This time of a little girl. I didn’t quite capture the cute little expression. Babies are so much harder to draw than wrinkled old men! Come see… Continue reading

Messy father and son sketch in pen and watercolor

Same principle as the one I just did -quick and loose, and with some watercolor for spice. I think you need to do a lot of these before they start looking right. It… Continue reading