Another beardo – a little too loose. 

from Instagram:

Drawing of a beard with a face behind it

784 Here’s a very bearded person who put his photo up on redditgetsdrawn. Sorry about the quality of th photo and all that.. I’m thinking 

Cat and a.. Thing


Drawing of Azura the cat in pen

Originally posted on Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen:
This custom drawing is of a cat called Azura. I did this artwork from a photo provided by Azura’s owner after having seen my art…

Custom holiday gift group portrait of four pets in pen and watercolor

Originally posted on Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen:
This is a custom drawing in pen and watercolor done on A3 size paper. I was approached by the owner of these four, who asked…

Cat-scape -first attempt at a commission

This is a “not so successful” 8-double cat portrait that I was commissioned to do – It’s got some problems here and there, so I’m going to start over on this on this… Continue reading

Sketch of a rescue dog

  It’s been a couple of days since I made a sketch, but I better get back to it! Here’s a request I’ve got through twitter! 778

Little cat in profile

This little cat, called Percy is part of the blog “Jans Funny Farm” I was asked by the blogger over there to make a sketch of one of the several cats and dogs… Continue reading

Two not very good attempts at sketching a dog

This dog, who’s called Dennis and who has his own blog at just does not want to be drawn! Or maybe he does, and it’s just me who can’t seem to make… Continue reading

Sketch of a cat getting ready for christmas

Here’s a cat called Timmy Tomcat! See more of him here: I enjoy making sketches for other bloggers out there, so if you’d like one, don’t hesitate to ask! 774