Mountain scene in Bhutan. Drawing in ballpoint pen and India ink based on scene from Google Streetview.

Landscape in Bhutan in india ink and ballpoint penYesterday, one of my followers on the tumblr-version of onedrawingdaily (his username is Emkinkade) suggested that i might try and mix the “line tools” like ballpoint pen with a liquid tool (I’ve got a bottle of india ink). I tried it on this Bhutanese landscape. I think it looks better the farther away you get ๐Ÿ˜‰ In my opinion, ballpoint pen looks better if its either completely chaotic or very controlled. I tend to mix up chaos and order in some kind of semi-agressive zig-zag hatching, which is a little disturbing to me when i look closely.. The quality of really beautiful line drawings is often where the artist didn’t draw (a pause in the line, where the brain automatically fills in the empty space).. I’m not quite there yet – I just go crazy with the pen, and for now, this’ll be my style !

I’ll be submitting this to the virtual paintout, where you’re prompted to draw a scene from google street view. Each month a new location. This month is Bhutan, as you might have guessed. I think that the Virtual Paintout is an excellent idea, and i really urge any artists out there to join in.

You can see this particular scene on google streetview here

And that was my 435th drawing.

15 thoughts on “Mountain scene in Bhutan. Drawing in ballpoint pen and India ink based on scene from Google Streetview.”

  1. Love the mixed media……some things are just “softer” with india ink or even watercolor – just a “wash” – like shading on the mountains or clouds……well done!!


    • Thanks a lot:) I’m thinking of doing a few more like this, experimenting a little with the dominance of either the india ink or the pen.. I think it could look good with a linesketch with just light washes!

  2. Oh yes! The prettiest parts of line drawings are those where there are no lines but your head fills up the form by itself! I’m also nowhere near that nirvana stage yet, and always did myself having gone all crazy with the pen too!! Anyway, this drawing looks really good!!


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