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One Drawing Daily – Thomas from Denmark started drawing and sketching every day the 9th September 2014, and he’s sharing his experiences, thoughts and ideas on his blog as well as all his daily drawings.

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Everyday artists

Dumb Sketch December Kirkistan originally started drawing every day for the month of December 2014, but now he’s continuing all the way through 2015. He’s speaks of his drawings as “Dumb Sketches” – A dumb sketch is a drawing that doesn’t need to be pretty – it’s meant to convey a message that sometimes words cannot. Read more about dumb sketches on his other blog here

Create Art Everyday has got bitten by the drawing bug in 2014 too and I am really looking forward to seeing what this year will bring!

The River in Me  is yet another blogger who manages to squeeze in enough time to draw and paint each day. One to follow!

Ann Christina is making one watercolor painting per day – to begin with it’s for a month, but let’s hope she keeps doing it, because it looks great!

Sketch-A-Day I almost forgot this one! This guy publishes a sketch each day. His drawings are very much in the style you see in industrial design and he does a lot of cool stuff like robots and.. Moonlanding stuff! He seems to have done this for a long time!

JeanDrawingADay  – Jean has almost done 1000 drawings!

365 Drawings for 2015 – A group of friends each participate in drawing every day for the whole of 2015!

One Stumble at a Time – That’s how you advance!

MelIsNorth – Mel North started doing art every day in January 2014. Her landscapes especially are very beautiful!

Method Two Madness –  The great blog of Kerfe And Nina, two friends who share their work and inspiration on this great blog. Many different subjects, sources of inspiration and good commentaries. – Derek is a graphic designer / illustrator keeping a daily art blog. He posts drawings, speed paints, or finished pieces daily. He’s currently in the middle of a binding of isaac project where he’s drawing each item from the game. Has the website

Searching For Sapphire - Daily drawings and creative exploration


– And there are many more, but i just can’t remember all the different sites – If you’re drawing (or painting or other) every day, and you share it on line, send me your site address and I’ll put it up here! It’s fun to see what everyone else are doing!

Great painters and artists

Morten E. Solberg – Mort has spent his lifetime painting and has developed a unique style that he is known for. He paints both abstractly and realistically with the combination of both being his most popular. His subjects include wildlife scenes, florals, human figures and mystical Native American themes created in watercolor, acrylic or oil.

Jenay Elder – Jenay Elder is an artist and art instructor who describes her work as representation, textured and colorful. Her portraits are especially good! Go take a look!

Submit your work here

One Drawing Daily on REDDIT – Come submit your daily paintings or drawings to the “everyday artist community” on reddit, r/onedrawingdaily. And what if i don’t draw every day? Come anyway! – Come submit your drawings on this tumblr-blog and spread the word! – Same as above – but for paintings.

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Different types of watercolor brushes

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