Lightning-quick aquarel study of a drawing by Maxine Dodd


I came upon the blog of Maxine Dodd and i really liked her watercolour sketches – So i asked for her permission to do some studies of her work in order to try and grasp some of it. The result is above – i tried to do it quickly, because a precise study of this type of drawing would seem a little odd. It took maybe around 5 minutes – and i will definetly be doing a whole series of them.. This one, i did, because i was exited to try it!

When i’ve done a lot of this type of study, i’ll try my hand on video, and then the real world a bit later.

Obviously, I’m totally new to watercolour – espercially to doing it in a sketchy kind of way, and this is visible in my drawing. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about the method – how am i supposed to do this? If someone would give me some pointers it would be great.

Consider this drawing a teaser – i’ll be doing a lot more!

Thanks to Maxine Dodd for letting me use her originals!

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