Light sketch of Clowie the dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog called ClowieHi everyone. This is a request that I got from Clowie’s Corner.
What a beautiful dog Clowie is!
It can be hard to draw white fur with black lines, but I think that the best way to go is to be as “minimal” with the lines as you possibly can. Although this is mostly just “hinting” lines that somehow give the viewer an idea about what goes on, I still am quite happy with it.

I’m just about to run for the train – We’re going to my parent’s and then a few days vacation. I’ll try to make my daily drawings from Rome these next few days !

That was number 472 since 9th September 2014!

19 thoughts on “Light sketch of Clowie the dog in ballpoint pen”

  1. I really like your approach with this drawing, the more minimalist mark-making. Have a wonderful time in Rome. I have a yearning to return there that we refer to as being “Romesick”. I look forward to seeing what you draw while you are there.

  2. Thank you, I love it! I really like what you’ve done using minimal lines.

    I will put it on my blog. I want all my friends to see it.


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