Key and lock – after a photo by Tim Diggles


Yep. It is what the title says.. This is from Tim Diggle’s “Flat Life” series. There’s a lot of really nice photoes there, so go have a look.

This drawing was not too difficult.. Or i suppose that i was – because it’s not precise, but i didn’t struggle much with this one and it didn’t take a lot of time.. It’s mostly straight lines, and there’s not a lot og details in it.

I just bought some flight tickets – My wife and i are going to Prague in a few weeks, and i’m going to get ready to do some sketches in “the wild” (outdoor) – I’m thinking about breaking out my water color / aquarel set, but i heard that it’s very complicated to get the technique down.. I looked at the blog of Maxine Dodd and i were really struck by her quick and sketchy aquarels.. I’m definetly going to try my hand on that!

So maybe the next thing i’ll put up will have some water color on it – we’ll see!

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