Kali the cat – drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Drawing of Kali the cat in watercolor and ballpoint penI already did a drawing of the siamese cat Shoko the other day, but now the owner asked my to do one of her other cat, Kali
I enjoy making requests and it’s a good way to get a few links out on other blogs – so if you’d like me to draw something to put up on your blog, just let me know, and I might do it! (No promises, though)
How do you paint or draw a white cat? I tried to paint the light colors that this cat has in its fur, but maybe it got a little too heavy. One remedy could have been to make the background darker and get some effect out of the contrast.. I didn’t see the front paw in the photo to begin with, so it was added in later! Something just seemed wrong !!

24 thoughts on “Kali the cat – drawing in watercolor and ballpoint pen”

  1. We love Kalis drawing even with one of the family interfering by continuously clicking back to Shoko’s drawing. Great talent. Maybe one of us can get one some day
    Purrs and head bonks
    Timmy and Family

  2. We luv Kali’s drawing too. We also liked Shoko’s. We would be honored for you to draw either one or both of us, but we understand you’re probably busy. If you get the chance, let us know. Thanks.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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