Ink drawing of oliver the cat sleeping in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat named oliver sleepingThis cat is called Oliver. And he’s sleeping.
This is the third cat that I draw in a few days – you might wonder if I am planning to go pet shopping or something – the reality is that I did these cats because I found this blog requesting that people submit horse art – So I did a drawing of a horse. Then the blogger revealed to me that he also has a blog about cats.. So then I did one of his cat Chub-Chub, which was in turn seen by another cat-blogger (he’s not a cat but he blogs about cats), who then suggested that I do one of his cats. I must have misunderstood him, thinking that all of the cats on his site were his, so I mistakenly did one of the extremely fluffy cat “Angel Eyes” – which I think the owner didn’t mind.. So now, as I said, this is Oliver, the cat that lives with Marc-AndrĂ© from (the person who is not a cat) I think everything should be in order now đŸ˜‰

It’s been fun to make these requested drawings for other bloggers. If there’s someone out there who’s taking photos of.. Cat’s, dogs, horses, llamas… Boats.. Snails..Cars… Houses… and want to request something (I’d appreciate a link back) – just drop me a line.. I think that I should maybe just add, that I don’t guarantee anything, but I suppose you figured that đŸ˜‰

That was drawing number 415

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