Hand in ballpoint pen

A sketch of my hand in ballpoint penHi everyone!
This is a rough sketch of my hand that I did yesterday evening while I was waiting to start my night shift.
I’ve drawn a lot of hands before. Mostly in pencil and some in watercolors. My hand-drawings are probably the drawings I’ve had most success with so far, but after having done other things for a long time, I’m not sure how i feel about this one. It’sΒ  clearly much more rough, sketchier and quicker than the usual pencil-drawn hands I’ve done.. Roughness isn’t bad, but still, I can’t decide if my hand-drawings were better before. Perhaps I ought to sit down and do a careful pencil-drawing to be able to make a real comparison. This one obviously is more of a “doodle”.. Please go see my other hand-drawings !

That was number 449 by the way. Now I’m off to draw a goat πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Hand in ballpoint pen”

    • Thanks a lot. Those that i do from real life always turn out rougher than the ones i do from photo references.. I just had a look at your “rock garden at dusk” and i actually feel the same about your drawing that you just wrote about mine. I really like these kind of sketches that just quickly capture a fleeting moment.

  1. Just saw your watercolor hand above and that is exquisite! I once learned in Art Class that if a person can successfully draw the human hand (which you have accomplished MORE than once), they can draw anything!

  2. The thing about sketching “at will” is that we incorporate our mood or thoughts or the general “pace of the day” into our work don’t you think? Some sketches are quickly done on the spur of the moment and others are more intricate when we have the time to be intricate…….it’s actually one of the BEST things about sketching and drawing. You can do it ANY TIME – a few minutes here and there. I just looked at all your hand drawings AND your self-portraits…..bravo.


    • Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ I definitely think that there’s something about the quick spontaneous sketches like this.. Perhaps they’re not as well planned out as the more intricate drawings that you really put an effort into, but they say something about ones mood and state of mind that gets more and more camouflaged, with the careful drawings


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