Half-finished fruit


This photo i got from the photo-blog Time Nexus – a blog with tons and tons of great pictures. I wanted to do something with leaves, but the one i chose, turned out to be much more precise than what i wanted to test. But it doesn’t matter.

As usual, I’m in a hurry, and need to catch a train, so i can’t finish it right now. And i’m going for my night-shift tonight, so you might not see anything else from me until tomorrow. But stay tuned!

Thanks to the Time Nexus blog for letting me use their photo!

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  1. Reblogged this on Time Nexus and commented:
    Had a nice surprise this morning – always interesting to see how a beginner interprets a photo. I like the impact of the half – finished tone; some raw talent over at ‘One Drawing Daily’.

  2. I like your concept of one drawing daily, and your drawing style. You will hone your skills but be careful, sometimes that skill level, that honing will deaden a piece. Your drawings are alive and about exploration. Don’t lose all of that to skill. Just be who you are. Draw from who you are.

    • Thanks for the advice. The day i’ll stop experimenting will probably be the day i’ll stop drawing aswell. One thing i really love about drawing is that it doesnt deal with absolutes. It’s never 100% correct, perfect, precise or whatever – that’s actually the quality in drawing as opposed to photography – or looking at the actual object. A drawing also does the job of adding something that might not be present in the real thing – a feeling or a way of seeing. A perfectly photorealistic drawing would only be true to reality – not to other subjective things. I’ll be careful to hone the skill in the right way. Thanks again!


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