Four more cats in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penA couple of days has gone by, and a few more cats in my sketchbook. I’ll maybe do a bigger, more thorough drawing of the third cat on the list – with added watercolor. The owner has asked me for the possibility of getting the original. This had me thinking.. If I “sold” about four drawings per day, it could be my work… Oh well – you can’t blame a guy for daydreaming!

This was my 562th – 565th drawings since September 2014!

9 thoughts on “Four more cats in ballpoint pen”

  1. We don’t know these cats. We heard of Phoebe though.
    I wouldn’t mind the picture of Kali and Shoko. I’d be willing to pay for them too You probably no longer have them and it would cost a fair amount to ship to Canada.

    Jean and kitty Clan

    • Everything I do these days are requests that I get through twitter ๐Ÿ™‚ I normally keep all my drawings in a sketchbook.. with drawings on both sides, so I would prefer not to tear out any pages. If you want me to draw a new one at some point though do let me know. Although I’m as busy as ever these days. I think that shipping to Canada is about 15-20$

      • It’s definitely something to think about. I do have some odd looking pictures of Shoko. She seems to be a very expressive cat. Most cats, Kali included, have the same expression unless they are totally pissed and ready to bite. There is one with Shoko giving the evil eye that is priceless and then her expression goes back to normal. You are very busy right now anyway. I do enjoy looking at your work. It is giving me a better idea of what you look for in drawings….so definitely keep up adding your comments on the picture.


        • I will try to write some more info for each drawing, but when I only get to post then in ‘badges’ like this, it’s just too much work to comment on everything. I do look forward to being able to spend a little longer on each individual drawing, though. A few months ago I spent 45-60 minutes on each, but now everything is much more rushed, which I think shows a little..

  2. Your work is definitely “sellable” – it’s just wonderful and people really do love having drawings/original artwork of their pets. Worth considering! I love the expression on that second cat’s face!


    • Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that whenever I have some more spare time, I’ll try offering original drawings in a more direct way. It could be a really nice way to earn a little extra


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