Figg-leaf from Time Nexus


I found this figg-leaf on the Time Nexus foto blog. It reminded me of my visits to Algeria where these trees are everywere – with the sweetest, most delicious fruits just haning ripe for the taking (if it’s in the right season anyway) – I have sence bought imported figgs here en Denmark – from Italy and Turkey, but they just havn’t got the same taste..

Anyway, i recived some comments from Jack from and from Alison Warner who both suggested that i start drawing and painting stuff from “real life”. So although this is another drawing from a photo (!) i promise, that i’ll try my hand on some real life – either today or tomorrow. I’ve got some vegetables in the fridge that might provide for a good water colour still life – so stay tuned.

However, i’ll continue to do studies of photos and art as well. I find that i learn a lot from “copying” the work of more experienced people. So you’ll be seeing both on my blog.

Thanks to Time Nexus for letting me use the photo!

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