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I little while back I started to do drawings of people’s pets upon request.

It’s fun to draw all of these furry fellows, and I learn a lot while doing it. In the same time a lot of pet-owners have had the chance to get a portrait of their pet done free of charge!

I’ve made quite a few already, and I’ll try to gather the best ones here on this page.

Would you like one too? I’ll make you one for free! Just scroll to the bottom and real more !

Drawing of a cat called Trinny in ballpoint pen and india inkThis one’s called Trinny!

Sketch of a dog belonging to Jennifer Grover in ballpoint penAnd look at this dog called Adi!

Sketch of a cat called Stitch in india ink and ballpoint penThis little kitty is called Stitch

Drawing of a cat called Newton in ballpoint penAnd here’s Newton!

Painting of waffles the cat in ballpoint pen and watercolorI had fun with this cat, who’s called Waffles!

Drawing of Fenris the dog in ballpoint pen, india ink and goacheAnd when this drawing of a dog called Fenris doesn’t look so much like the original photo, I am really happy with it’s crazy look!

Sketch of a goat called Abby drawn in ballpoint penThis pretty goat is called Abby. Or rather Abby Goat

Drawing of a rabbit called speedy in ballpoint penAnd this is Speedy the rabbit, looking a little… You know.. Well maybe you don’t…

Sketch of Houdini the Yorkshire terrier dogOh, and i must not forget Houdini the minuscule dog!

drawing A cat called Lily Olivia sleepingAnd this one of Lily Olivia I was really happy about!

Drawing of dust bunny the cat in ballpoint penAnd finally this little cutie called Dust Bunny!

There are many more! And many many more to come!
Would you like me do do your pet next? I’ll do it for free!
Read more about it here

and don’t forget to send my your favorite photo. I get many requests, so I can’t do them all, but you might just get lucky!


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