Elephant transformation #4 ( “Drawing” 69 )

2014-10-10b 2014-10-10a

I realise that this is not a drawing – and it doesn’t stricly count in my “one drawing a day” mission.. I’m counting it anyway, though, because i make the rules around here.

It’s made out of advertisments from an architecture-magazine that i recieve once a month and regretably never read.. (Partly because of all the ADS) – that and glue.. It’s that type of glue that gets crisp and fall off after a while.. So we’ll see if this one will hold.

I found out that i skipped two pages in my little sketchbook, and i feel awful about it.. Really like the cronology of things – It’s a little obsessive, although i don’t want to banalize the people problems of people who suffer from real obsessions.. But i don’t like the idea of going back to make new drawings before my last one.. I don’t know if people can identify..
So i was thinking that i need to do something special with these two pages, that makes them different from the other drawings in their continuety.. Does anybody have any suggestions on that or anything else? (Am i being wierd?)

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  1. Yes, you are being wonderfully weird. My art journals are not chronological. I intentionally (at times) draw on random pages just to be chaotic. HOWEVER, as for my writing journal when I accidentally miss a page (which seems to happen a lot) it drives be nuts. I have a solution but it’s FAR from meaningful. I simply write “DOH!” (thinking in the voice Homer Simpson) and it seems to be enough for me. Who’s weird now?

      • If you wanted something more meaningful perhaps fill the empty spots with quotes from artists. Here is Picasso on Van Gogh
        “He carried the sun in his head and a hurricane in his heart…he did not paint with his hands but with his naked senses…painting himself within the fiery clouds…in those twisting trees that seem to yell to heaven, in the frightening vastness of his plains.”
        Or another Picasso (a personal fav)
        “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can’t break them like an artist”
        have a nice evening- Emily

    • Are you certain that the quote ” he carried the sun in his head and a hurricane in his heart… he did not paint with his hands but with his naked senses…” is from Picasso? I’ve been looking all over for the source and nobody else, who has referenced the quote has mentioned who said it. I just read it in a tiny art book (a series called wings books) and I loved it but they didn’t provide a clear credit for whoever said it, they did however quote Picasso as saying “painting is…a matter of seizing the power, taking over from nature..Van Gogh was the one to find the key to that tension.” and according the wings book the quotes come from the same source, a book called “Van Gogh, a retrospective” So I suppose reading that book might help, eh? In the meantime, can you verify a source that has Picasso as the author of that quote? Also what do you suppose the ellipsis are in both quotes, it’s that because it comes from much longer quote and they are being truncated? Thanks in advance, for any info.


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