Elephant in ink, ( Drawing 57 )


An attept with an ink pen. As i have mentioned before I’m not very confident in using pens, or anything “permanent” for that matter – the reason is, that i tend to “search” witch my pencil, before diciding upon the “right” line, and this is just impossible with black ink. So I’m trying to losen a bit up with regards to this aproach, and this here, is an elephant.

I’m not quite sure if i drew too much or too little – but it seems to me, that it is too contrasted. Adding some more tones and hatches like this would make it look right, but on the other hand, it would take hours.. And if i only wanted to capture the essentials, i might have to draw a little less wrinkles.. Suggestions would be appreciated.’

Elephants are amazing – I love how they balance their big, heavy bodies on legs that are so close together that they almost appear like a reversed triangle. How is it that they don’t topple over when there’s a breeze on the savannah?

The eyes are too high and the legs are not following the photo 100%.. That’s another pitfall in ink.

I’m thinking about exploring elephants some more, so I just might post a lot of elephants in the following days !

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