Elephant 4. Elephants holdning.. Hands ( 58 )


Yesterday was really busy at school, so i only made one drawing in the morning – I don’t know if it’ll be like that today aswell, but I hope to get to draw a little more today.

LuiZ FernandoS suggested on my elephant post yesterday that i try drawing with the pen right from the start, and that the errors and imprecisions would only add to the personality of the drawing. I tried that, and although i miss-judged a couple of things from the start, i think it turned out ok. One thing I’ve got to decide is if i want to draw individual small lines for each wrinkle, or if i will rather “scratch” rather roughtly with the pen, as if i were toning with a pencil. I have to experiment a bit.

The photo above is taken by Susan Portnoy – thanks again for letting me use your photos!

Oh, and this was the last page in my current sketchbook – i already had used some pages when starting one drawing daily, but still, it feels great to have a filled sketchbook in front of me, and to move on to a new one!

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